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International Markets – The United Kingdom:

4 Jul

Kanonkop has been actively marketing and selling its wine in the UK for about 30 years, and it’s one of our biggest export markets. When travelling abroad, please look out for our wines, you will find our full range of Reds, including the Kadette Pinotage which was recently listed, at the Majestic Wine Warehouse stores [...]

Wines: Currently Available

4 Apr

Black Label Pinotage 2015 – This wine was released in November 2016. Great weather conditions ensured another great vintage for the Black Label. Paul Sauer 2013 (2014 to be released 1 July) – Still the same classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. Offering layers of black fruit, perfume and cedar wood creates [...]

Kanonkop Wine Estate Ups Offering of Black Label Pinotage Due to Increased Demand

4 Dec

The sensational reception its Black Label Pinotage has received since the release of the wine’s first vintage six years ago has led to Kanonkop increasing supply to 5000 bottles of the 2014 vintage. When the first Black Label Pinotage was released in 2009 from the 2006 vintage, only 1 100 bottles were made. But according [...]

Kanonkop Black Label Takes World Stage with Release of 2013 Vintage

30 Oct

Greater international demand for South Africa’s first icon Pinotage, the Kanonkop Black Label, has led to increased production of this single-vineyard wine made on the famous Stellenbosch Estate. The latest release of the Black Label, that of the 2013 vintage, sees 3 500 bottles of this wine entering the market, up from 1 500 bottles [...]

New Releases

11 Jul

All the new vintages of the following wines are available as of July 2013. Kanonkop Kadette Dry Rosé 2013 Contrary to normal Rosés this wine is made in a dry style with huge floral flavours. Great with seafood dishes. Kanonkop Pinotage 2002/2003 Since our 2000 vintage we have annually cellared some 6000 bottles and can [...]