29 Nov

Kanonkop recently presented 2 recorking clinics for its clients for their Kanonkop wines 2005 and older. Treasures such as Kanonkop Cabernet 1973 and Kanonkop Pinot Noir 1984 (yes!) amongst others were brought along for inspection and recorking if necessary.

All bottles presented were first evaluated and if need be, the capsule removed to see if the cork showed some tiredness. If not, the bottle was recapsuled. If some ullage was apparent, the cork was delicately removed, argon gas injected (to prevent oxidation), tasted and if still in good order, topped up. For authentication purposes a sticker was added to the bottle with a number that corresponded to a unique number on the cork and the bottle recorked and recapsuled. And for final authentication the owner was issued with a certificate confirming the date etc of the full process.

These clinics were received with great acclaim, injected further life into some older vintages of Kanonkop wines and again highlighted the maturation potentials of our wines.

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