5 Oct

Simple! Build a new house or renovate a current one. As a ‘bonus’ you might also find yourself being happily married, facing divorce proceedings. In order to soften the probable loss of conjugal rights, we at Kanonkop in 2015 decided not to renovate some houses, but rather to extend our cellar capacity. The prime reason [...]

Who And What Was Paul Sauer?

4 Jul

With the long awaited release of the Paul Sauer 2014 vintage, we thought it fitting to add a small anecdote about who and what Paul Sauer was. Below follows a short piece written by co-owner, Johann Krige. Paul Oliver Sauer (1891 – 1979) was my and brother Paul’s grandfather from our mother’s side. Besides a [...]

International Markets – The United Kingdom:

4 Jul

Kanonkop has been actively marketing and selling its wine in the UK for about 30 years, and it’s one of our biggest export markets. When travelling abroad, please look out for our wines, you will find our full range of Reds, including the Kadette Pinotage which was recently listed, at the Majestic Wine Warehouse stores [...]

A Second Memoire Of Selling Wines In Central Africa – Mid 1980’s

4 Jul

(This is a follow-up on another memoire in our previous newsletter) Me and my Belgium escort, after obtaining a valid Burundian visa in my South African passport in Kinshasa , whilst being ‘illegally’ in the DRC (then Zaire) booked our flights from Kinshasa to Goma in the eastern side of the DRC with a connecting [...]

Wine Advocate’s Kanonkop Review

22 May

Readers should refer to my 2015 South Africa report for more background information on Kanonkop. As I have said before, whenever discussing South Africa’s long-standing stalwart estates, a lot of young winemakers can be quite dismissive, citing poor winemaking practices and their zeal for high volume/low quality wines that did much to tarnish the image [...]

The Cape Wine Auction

4 Apr

The Cape Wine Auction, an annual auction raising funds for 22 beneficiaries who make a profound impact on education and the lives of children in the Cape Winelands, took place on Saturday, 11 February. A staggering amount of R22.3 million was raised – a record for this auction. The Kanonkop lot including a six-vintage vertical [...]

A Memoir of Selling Wine in Africa – MID 1980’s

4 Apr

In my young days as Marketing Manager for KWV, one of my self-created challenges was to sell wines in Africa. Sanction busting was part of our job description and whilst everyone did not agree with the political direction of Corporate South Africa, our job was to sell wine. And South Africans were not allowed to [...]

Wines: Currently Available

4 Apr

Black Label Pinotage 2015 – This wine was released in November 2016. Great weather conditions ensured another great vintage for the Black Label. Paul Sauer 2013 (2014 to be released 1 July) – Still the same classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. Offering layers of black fruit, perfume and cedar wood creates [...]

2017 Oesverslag

4 Apr

2017 was die derde droeë seisoen in ‘n ry. Alhoewel ons warm dae gehad het, was die nagte deurgans koeler as die langtermyn gemiddelde. Dit was ‘n jaar waar daar onnatuurlik baie peste (slake, kalanders en krompokkels) was wat deurlopend beheer moes word om skade te vermy. Al was dit weer ‘n droëe jaar, was [...]

A Day at Kanonkop Harvesting

4 Apr

Firstly, when the sun comes out at 06h00, you’re grateful you made it through the night and live to see another day. Early mornings are a bit of a haze between trying to wake up, planning the activities of the day and managing the fermenters in the cellar. By 09h00 you start to find your [...]