11 Jul

Often older vintages are found leaking due to reasons such as a lack of temperature or humidity control. Too many temperature variations causes the cork to lose its elasticity resulting in leaking, and unfortunately the consequence of too much ullage is oxidation. There is no fixed answer as to how much ullage is acceptable. In the case of claret bottles, which we use, the rule of thumb says; ullage above the shoulder of the bottle is still acceptable.
Kanonkop wines are produced to mature. With time secondary flavours start to develop giving more complexity and elegance to the wine. Too much ullage can destroy a great investment in wine.

As a special service to our loyal clients, a team from Kanonkop will be visiting Johannesburg and Pretoria this August. If you believe the ullage of your Kanonkop wines to be too high you can, at no cost, bring these to us, we will then remove the cork, refill and re-cork. We foresee being in Johannesburg and Pretoria on two consecutive evenings (17h00- 20h00), and will advise on the dates and venue towards the end of July. We plan to offer similar service for our Western Cape clients at Kanonkop Estate.

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