Tim Atkin MW South Africa Report 2020 – strong results for Kanonkop

Tim Atkin


Tim Atkin MW SA Report 2020

Well respected international wine journalist and Master of Wine, Tim Atkin, released his 8th annual report on the South African wine scene.

His love, admiration and support for the SA wine industry is palpable, and every year in September, the whole industry waits with bated breath for his ratings to be released.

His scores, anticipated by consumers, the trade and media alike, are a valuable measure of quality, and has helped to lift the profile of SA wines in many foreign countries.

Kanonkop’s Paul Sauer 2015 will off course be forever remembered as the first South African wine to receive a perfect score of 100 points in his 2018 review.

We are proud to share the ratings on our range, with the Paul Sauer 2017 taking the spoils with a memorable 98 points!

To access the full report, please visit www.timatkin.com.